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Complete range of Agricultural drones and their spare parts

Aerial spray serivce

Rental spraying service available 

Drone pilot

Training course for those who are interested to purchase or fly agricultural UAV

Inovative agriculture solution

We provide Innovative Electronics devices aimed to solve your problems in agriculture

Why Aerial Spray

Time Saving

Aerial spray is time effective,on average it is 80% faster than manual spraying. Covering more than 60 acres per day.


Ability to plan out the spray before actually spraying, makes spray equally divide all over the field and even under the leave due to the high pressure spraying nozzles.


A hassle-free task planing of your field with your mobile device, once mission is uploaded all operation will be handle by drone it self. You can even save you planned area so you can use it later.

Cost saving

Greatly reduce you labor costs with a single drone, saves up 10% pesticide, 80% water and increase your yield upto 15%.


Spray service


  • Accurate and efficient
  • Upto 75% time saving
  • Save water upto 80%
  • Yield increase upto 20%
  • Save pesticide 15%

Agriculture drone

Rs 1.25 million

  • 15L Medicine Tank
  • Autonomous Flying
  • upto 4 hectors per hour
  • 60 acres a day

Pilot training course


  • Basic components introduction
  • Extensive flight training
  • flying practice
  • Final test

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